Lawn mowing - We offer a cutting service to ensure that your lawn always looks great. Depending on the time of year, you can schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly lawn mowing appointments with us.

Edging and borders – Neatly trimming the edges of your lawn, or shaping it to fit other garden features. 

Overseeding - Overseeding addresses patchiness and generally boosts the health of your lawn. The task is also done as a preventative measure against thatch build up.


All hedges need regular care to keep them green and healthy. Formative hedge pruning, required in the first two or three years after planting focuses on stimulating healthy, balanced growth. Maintenance hedge trimming for established hedges prevents them from getting too big and ensures that they have an attractive shape. The removal of up to 180 lt of green material is included in the cost of your service, if you need more waste taken away a small extra charge will apply.


We can carry out a full clearance of your garden subject to your requirements, we are specialists in overgrown garden clearances. Works can include, 
- Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble.
- Trimming and cutting back hedges, Pruning or complete removal of bushes, trees, and ivy.
- Removal of broken fence panels and other broken garden features.
- Leaf clearance


We can install premium quality turf to instantly freshen up your garden. We included for a removal of the existing lawn, and clearance of weeds, plants, debris, rocks and stones. The next step includes site levelling where needed. We will add or remove soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope. The perfectly levelled ground will be covered with a layer of topsoil, for optimum turf roots establishment.
We will then lay the turf rolls, without gaps in between rolls to get that uniform lawn look. Check out our landscaping section as we can also install Artificial turf.


Jet washing is an effective cleaning method which removes grime, moss, mud and even some weeds from your outdoor paving and decking areas using only water. We recommend that you use this service when your patio starts changing its colour to green or gets muddy, to avoid outdoor slippage. We can jetwash most surfaces such as: patios, brickwork, wooden decking, fences, garden furniture & more.